An extensive and accurate term base is always a key element to quality translation. In 2014, I worked as an intern for the project "Parole per mangiare" run by Expo 2015 and the University of Milan regarding the creation of a multilingual terminological database on Expo main themes (nutrition, biotechnology, food safety and food and cooking gastronomy).

During this internship, I had the chance to learn how to organize a professional multilingual term base, compiling new and reviewing existing definitions in strict accordance with previously agreed protocols, translating words and expressions in both directions, discussing and resolving problematic translations with native-speaking editors and professionals in the field.

Since then, I offer my services for the creation of terminological databases from a given corpus of texts. As a professional translator, terminological issues are my cup of tea. My work excels in terms of accuracy and resolve in the never-ending search of reliable and comprehensive sources for the creation of such a valuable tool in this line of work.
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